If you have a dream of becoming a member of a band, this class is the perfect one for you! Aimed to train you to play music in groups, this class will also help you to work and socialize with the other members who play different music instruments and make a harmony out of it.

Private Piano

No class suits you better than this one if the only thing you have in mind is being the best Pianist ever! Equipped with the latest Piano – both Acoustic and Electric, this class is perfect for you who want to master this instrument.

Private Vocal

Being a ‘Rock Star’ is not an unachievable dream! Here, not only you will be taught to be one, you will also have a real experience of performing as a vocalist with a full-equipped stage, karaoke tools, lighting and other tools for performing.

Private Violin

A classic instrument oh-so famous in Europe, are you sure you don’t want to get your hands to it? Equipped with the latest Violin – both Acoustic and Digital, this class is nothing but perfect for you who want to master it.

Private Guitar

What is a Rock Star without a great Guitarist supporting them? Equipped with a great Classic and Electric Guitar, this class is made for students who have an interest to learn on how to be the greatest guitarist of them all!

Private Drum

Can’t stop hearing the drum rolls in your head? It’s time for you to play it yourself, then! Here, we have a specific and dedicated class for people like you who have an interest in being a Drummer. What are you waiting for?

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